What You Need To Know About Google Discovery Ads

It’s no secret that Google is constantly changing and improving the way they optimize ads. Today, companies have a variety of choices when it comes to their advertising campaigns, from display and search to app and video campaigns and everything in between. If you’re looking to extend your ads to a wider audience using attention-grabbing visuals and personalized experiences, you may want to start a Google Discovery ad campaign. With discovery ads, you can put your product or service in front of 3 billion customers each month, improving your chances of securing more sales. Keep reading to learn more about Google discovery ads and how you can use them to benefit your business.

How Do Google Discovery Ads Work?

Google Discovery ads were introduced to the advertising scene in 2019, and since then, have become one of the most effective marketing tools available. Discovery ads are a type of advertising campaign on Google that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to display ads during a targeted timeframe when a user is browsing online. These ads display across more than just Google; they show up on YouTube, Watch Next, and even Gmail. The intention behind discovery ads is to determine the solution to a user’s problem before they even begin searching for it. As they continue to conduct searches, shop around, and interact with Google, the artificial intelligence (AI) will start to notice patterns of behavior and will present specific results to match the user’s intent as accurately as possible. It will also switch headlines, images, and messages around to test what combinations work the best for your audience if you want a more hands-off approach to advertising.

These visually appealing and engaging ads have become one of the smartest ways to sell online. A discovery ad is designed to spark initial interest instead of waiting around for someone to explicitly express interest in a product or service through a search. These ads look similar to display ads in their visual and attractive elements; however, they are steered by Google’s machine learning rather than search queries.

You may find this article helpful if you’re interested in learning more about display ads and search ads: “A Beginner’s Guide to Display Ads vs. Search Ads.”

Perks of Using Google Discovery Ads

Marketers can gain countless benefits from using these types of ads, especially when paired with display and search campaigns. Here are a few key advantages you can gain from a discovery campaign:

  • Increased Visual Appeal
    When you use these particular ads, you get a less invasive form of marketing without compromising the aesthetics. Discovery ads allow you to incorporate an assortment of attractive images to put your product or service in the best light possible. These beautifully designed ads will strategically pop up as potential customers are scrolling through their feed and immediately grab their attention, improving the chances of them engaging with your company and what you have to offer.
  • Wider Audience Reach
    Why wait patiently for users to search for your products and services with keywords when you can get to them first? You can reach farther and wider with discovery ads because you aren’t limited to the Google search engine. Your ads can appear in a variety of other super active and commonly visited places, such as YouTube’s home page, Watch Next, and Gmail’s Promotions and Social tabs. With discover ads, you can not only connect with prospects who have never heard of you, but also reconnect with returning customers to keep your brand top of mind.
  • Enhanced Relevancy
    A recent study by Statista found that 90% of U.S. consumers think marketing personalization is intriguing. What does this mean? People are more likely to take action on a personalized advertisement that’s more relevant to them than one that is irrelevant. Since Google uses AI, you can rest assured the right ads will display to the right people at the right time. With such a focus on customer intent, Google can help you remain relevant and ensure that your ads are matching users’ interests.
  • Consistent Advertising
    You can wave goodbye to endless testing and guesswork trying to figure out how to reach your target audience with the right ad. Google discovery ads lighten the load and allow you to reap the benefits without as much effort on your end. One of the best things about Google’s discovery ads is that they are bound to show up in your audience’s feed. And even better? Your ads will also continue to appear after they’ve purchased your product or service or have made some sort of action step.
  • Successful and Convenient Automated Bidding Strategies
    Selecting the appropriate bid amount for your campaign can be incredibly difficult and confusing. Google understands that this is one of the most arduous yet critical steps in any ad campaign, so they’ve worked to make it easier on you. Through maximized conversion and target cost-per-action (CPA), you won’t have to worry about wasting valuable dollars without a good ROI. Automated bidding strategies set your bids automatically, saving you time, effort, and headaches through the process.

Who Benefits Most From Google Discovery Ads?

Discovery ads can significantly increase the number of conversions you receive, no matter what you’re trying to accomplish (purchases, e-newsletter signups, etc.). They can also help you widen your reach and connect with more prospects and allow you to reconnect with loyal customers who are already loving your brand. So, any company who is seeking to do any or all of these three things should take advantage of Google Discovery ads.

5 Ways Companies Can Make the Most of Google Discovery Ads

Now, you have a better understanding of what discovery ads are, but how do you use them wisely? Let’s take a look at a few tips and tricks for getting started with your own campaign:

  1. Use High-Quality Images
    It’s true what they say; a picture really is worth a thousand words. That’s why it’s so critical to use the best, high-resolution images in your ads. These visuals will be the first impression you make on users. Ensure that it captures attention quickly and effectively.
  2. Build Trust With Your Audience Immediately
    Since discovery ads are generally shown to people that have never encountered your brand before, you need to find a way to instantly build trust with them. Your messaging needs to meet them in their moment and be persuasive yet trustworthy enough to make them take action. Tell them who you are, what you do, and what you’re offering in a simple, concise, and engaging way.
  3. Avoid Using Too Much Text On Your Images
    Less is more when it comes to discovery ad image text. Try not to overdo it by crowding your image with too many words. Chances are, your audience would much rather see the entire image clearly than half of it convoluted with a string of text. Also, you want to entice them into clicking on your ad. Spelling everything out is going to leave them not wanting more, because you already gave it to them.
  4. Set Up Conversion Tracking
    Keep in mind that tracking is the best way to see your progress. That being said, make sure you have conversion tracking set up properly on your website so you can keep tabs on your campaign results. If you don’t know how to do this, we recommend reviewing this article from Google: “Set Up Conversion Tracking For Your Website.
  5. Use Data From Other Campaigns
    Don’t forget about your other campaigns! They hold valuable data and insights that can help take your discovery campaign to the next level. Take a look at the results from your display, search, and video campaigns to see what’s working and what’s not. Then, apply what you’ve learned to your discovery ads.

For more help with kick starting a successful discovery ad campaign, visit Google Support’s Discovery Campaigns page.

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