Top 5 Reasons Why SEO Is The Right Investment For Your Business

Let’s face it – digital marketing can be a difficult and convoluted construct that requires significant amounts of time, effort and energy to master properly. Well, it can be. At first glance. Like most things it gets simpler the longer you spend time doing it.

When you initially dive into digital marketing strategies, you’ll understand that it isn’t so complicated after all; it just takes a little bit of effort. One of the highest reward digital marketing strategies to learn about is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It’s understandable to avoid integrating something into your business structure that you’re not entirely sure what it is. However, SEO strategies are essential if you want your business to really explode online. Here are five reasons why you should really leverage SEO strategy into your business structure as soon as possible.

  • #1. Your Google ads will skyrocket
  • #2. Make it easy for your prospects to find you
  • #3. SEO compliments multi-channel marketing
  • #4. Offline conversion will improve
  • #5. Gain an edge on your competition & acquire market share

1. Your Google Ads Will Skyrocket

When incorporating Google Ads into your digital marketing strategy, Quality Score is a key element to keep track of, as it determines what the cost per click is for your ads. However, part of what determines your cost per click is the content that’s on your website.

Having relevant text rich in keywords which are related to your pay-per-click (PPC) key words terms will help lower the cost per click, provide you a more dominant position over time for less money. Essentially earning you more leads for less cost.

Pay Per Click or Google Ads is a tried and true strategy for driving quality traffic to your business, and SEO can increase its efficacy even further.

2. Make It Easy for Your Prospects To Find You

While it may seem clear, not many decision makers and business owners comprehend the fact that most links that are clicked on Google are on the front page. The links that appear when a query is searched reside on the front page attract 90% of the traffic. If a link to your content is on a page other than the front page of Google, its chances of attracting qualified traffic to your site decrease dramatically.

A good Search Engine Optimisation strategy will ensure that you attract your market share of potential leads looking for your services or products. Organic search results containing your content will rank more dominantly and attract higher authority than they would without a solid SEO strategy, raking on the front page of Google means the difference between return on investment or completely wasted money time and effort, because no one can find your business when they are ready to buy or researching a decision to purchase.

3. SEO Compliments Multi-Channel Marketing

SEO as per of a multi-channel marketing digital marketing strategy, such as display banner retargeting or pay per click campaigns, SEO strategies can deliver an outstanding return on investment and really eclipse all other marketing channels. We know that owning multiple shelf space on the front page of Google doesn’t just increase your traffic by two it increases your traffic three-fold.

Furthermore, the audience data acquired from each individual digital marketing channel can be used to assist the other driving the audience to higher conversions; sourcing information about PPC and site retargeting performance can significantly help your SEO strategy gain the audience you want.

4. Offline Conversion Will Improve As Well

Approximately 50% of searches conducted on mobile devices are by consumers who are looking for a store they wish to visit within the same day.

Having an ongoing Search Engine Optimisation strategy will help consumers find your business on mobile devices when they are closest to the buying point and potentially make a purchase the same day.

5. Gain an Edge on Your Competition & Acquire Market Share

The first page of Google search engine ranking results are broken into three sections or results, there are paid listings (Google Ads), listings that incorporate GPS directions (Google My Business Listings), and multiple results for regular organic content. Dominating the front page of Google involves positioning your company in multiple results so that your business receives the maximum click through possible.

Business is all about trust, people are more likely to reach out and connect with companies who they feel are leaders in their industry. Your business name appearing in multiple results in a search is going to cement your brand into the minds of your potential customers.

SEO is practice that pays for itself in multiples if you take the time invest in its execution and understand its strengths. More businesses are beginning to focus on SEO, and companies who do not will find themselves at a disadvantage.

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